All quiet on the Western Front? Not at Warren Farm

We had some excitement at the farm over the weekend: one of our smoke alarms went a bit nuts & wouldn’t stop ringing. Well, more like a piercing, insistent, never-ending beeping that could be heard several hundred metres away.

We’re very fortunate in Pembrokeshire; our local Fire Service has a strong Prevention Scheme that includes offering to supply & install smoke alarms in the homes of local residents, a service we first learned about when a fire tender, complete with uniformed crew, turned up outside brandishing alarms, fire prevention booklets and a screwdriver.
Half an hour (and several cups of tea & slices of cake) later, and we were fully alarmed up.

Anyway, roll on three peaceful, blissfully uneventful years… at least, up until Sunday. The smoke alarm in the hallway suddenly started going off, with not a trace of smoke, spark or fire in sight. Much prodding of the reset button had no effect, and Jane couldn’t figure out how to switch it off or even to figure out how to take it down (ceiling mounted objects with hidden fixings & bifocals don’t mix, especially when there’s nobody on hand to steady the ladder). The only thing left to do was to call the local fire station & book a return visit. They arranged to pop in the next day (emergencies permitting, of course), again turning up with a fully crewed fire engine. Apparently, they need to be ready to respond to a real emergency at all times, so came prepared for anything.

So we at Warren Farm now know the answer to that age-old conundrum: how many firemen does it take to change a smoke alarm? If you’re in Pembrokeshire, the answer is five: one to change it, one to hold the ladder, one to explain how it worked, one to drive the fire engine, and a spare, just for good luck!

PS As always, Minnie was thrilled to see all the extra folk. She’s not a dog to say No to a bit of fuss from a horde of lovely firemen, floozy hound that she is.

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