Calves at dusk

Cows near Kilpaison

No, not some rather bizarre spaghetti Western showdown. The photo above is of a herd of cows that we passed on an evening stroll on Monday evening. As it was such a lovely warm evening and, as we’ve mentioned before, we were running out of elderflower-time, we decided to grab the opportunity of a brief dry spell for a walk through the countryside just before sunset. (Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, dusk was falling & despite the poor light the photo op was too good to miss.)

For me, the beauty of the countryside at this time of year is watching the calves grow up. They change so much on a daily basis that you do get rather attached to the little ones, even if you are just walking past the field. We opted for one of our favourite walks: down the lane to Kilpaison, a small beach near Rhoscrowther. It not only has lovely scenery & late flowering elders, it is also really peaceful as most folk prefer beaches away from the Haven.

Mother & calfThis is one of my favourite photographs that I took that evening; this calf was smaller and paler than the other calves but quite confident. I also loved the way her coat looked: all twisted into little curls, rather like a Welsh Black. Of course, it’s important to not to get too attached to the little calf, as we could be buying it at the market for dinner sometime in the near future.  A fact brought home just a few days later when we passed the same field; by that time it was home to just the mums, with the calves weaned & moved to a different field.

I am often amazed at how quickly animals grow up and become independent. Considering a toddler does not usually take their first steps until they are about 12 to 14 months old (Hannah made hers memorable by stepping out on her first birthday), it is amazing that calves can stand within a few minutes of being born and are able to keep up with their mother within the week.

But newborn animals are not limited to this time of the year, with Pembrokeshire’s warm climate lambs come early and other animals continue to be born until late in the season. Come visit us here at Warren Farm sometime & see what’s around.

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