Book review: Baking Magic, by Kate Shirazi

One of the various book distributors turned up at H’s office a few months ago. She resisted the Jamie Olivers, the Delia Smiths and all sorts of other tempting treats but was unable to leave without a copy of Baking Magic (http://www in her sweaty hands.
In hindsight, that was a very wise decision. The book has a huge number of muffin recipes, but H has even been tempted to try many of the biscuit & other recipes. The Thyme & Cheese biscuits are a breeze to whip up, though we recommend going rather heavy on the cheese. Both they and the Biscotti with the Chocolotti disappeared so quickly we wish we’d made two, or even three batches.
It’s quite a satisfying book in its own right, even if you’re more of a collector (rather than a user) of cook books. The reassuringly square volume has thick textured covers and nearly 300 pages of quirky design, delicious-sounding recipes and mouth-watering photographs. Copies have now found their way into the possession of one or two of our friends…
Front cover of Baking Magic by Kate Shirazi

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