Spring is in the air

Purple Primula

Despite a really cold September (we actually had snow in Warren, a very uncommon sight) the weather here is glorious now. We do have frosty nights still, but bright sunshine and clear skies throughout the day. So much so that Spring is definitely in the air, and green shoots are poking their way up through the soil already.

Last Autumn Jane had put a variety of spring bulbs in H’s planters, and they are coming up now. In the front garden, it won’t be long before we see primrose, grape hyacinth, crocus and the narcissi which Jane particularly loves for their heavenly scent. Believe it or not, the purple primulas already have flowers. The meaning of primrose and primulas is “diffidence, early youth”.

Last year H bought a whole load of tulip bulbs when the local DIY centre was selling them cheaply. Not sure where to plant them and not wanting them to go to waste, Jane put them in one of the empty raised beds in the vegetable garden. They are going to provide some lovely cut flowers this year, then we will have to decide where to plant them permanently.

And another surprise, our onions are already coming up. We are still enjoying some of last years vegetables, wonderfully sweet leeks (how patriotic). We like them best braised, and then served with a vinaigrette.

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