Welsh lamb

While the rest of the country seems to be huddling under a blanket of snow, here in Pembrokeshire we’re already moving well into spring. The latest evidence is the sight of lambs frolicking around nearby fields.

Lambs & mothers in a field at Loveston Farm

Whilst Wales is synonymous with producing lamb, south Pembrokeshire’s gentle rolling & fertile lowland landscape is rarely used for sheep in favour of other livestock and crops, particularly our rather delicious crops of new potatoes (field-grown Pembrokeshire new potatoes knock spots off Jersey spuds). Castlemartin Range is one of the few areas locally that sees large numbers of sheep. The fields in the outer safety zones are used to over-winter sheep that spend the summer up on the Preselis.

Some local farmers also keep small flocks, maintaining traditional patterns of diversity. Loveston Farm, which is just down the road from Warren, has a nursery field beside the main road, right next to the farmhouse. This early in the season it’s home to only 10 nursing mothers & their new-born lambs; later on, it could be used for 50+ mother & baby pairs at any one time.

Once the lambs are a little older & need less TLC from the farmer, they’re moved to land slightly further afield before eventually being separated from their mums when they’re a few months old.

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