Oranges & Lemons

We’ve blogged before about having citrus fruit left over after Christmas. This year, we avoided the traditional marmalade route & instead sat down with our favourite cookbooks to find something more exotic to try.
The first idea was provided by one of our favourite books on preserving , cunning entitled “Preserving”. We now have quite a quantity of homemade candied orange & lemon peel. The suggestion was to dip the strands in plain chocolate as a perfect after dinner petit fours, but none has made it that far before being eaten.
The River Cottage Preserves book (a gift from the lovely Claire F one Christmas) provided a fabulous Lemon Curd recipe. Whilst the author proposes a Lemon & Apple Curd, we went for the more traditional option without apple puree. Sample jars have been distributed among friends & family, apparently the lemon curd goes well on crepes as well as making delicious lemon tarts.
We also made a batch using oranges using the same basic recipe. This turned out to be sweeter than the lemon curd, unsurprisingly, but was still very tasty. Curd doesn’t keep very long, as it is made with eggs & butter, so we may have to make a batch later in the year especially to trial in one of Hannah’s Victoria sponges.
Lastly, we tried a lemon squash recipe. The recipe produced about a litre of squash that needs to be diluted 1:4 with water, so we expect that it won’t last beyond the first Volunteer Weekend of the season – as if you needed any extra impetus to join us on the farm.

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