The road to… Warren

We’re really proud of our AA road signs, as featured on the corner of the West barn. We’d been led to believe that they were two of only 100 left in situ in the country, but (http://www NULL.cvphm NULL.html) believe this number to be closer to 65. Which means that Warren is home to 3% of the signs left in situ in the UK, in a very rare ‘twin’ formation, so they can be seen from both directions.

Ours have seen some trouble & strife: a former resident of the farm (now sadly deceased) told Jane a tale that one day she’d discovered a man trying to remove the signs. She challenged him & he claimed to be from the AA, charged with the task of removing them so that replacements could be made & installed. She believed his tale and even loaned him a ladder, but luckily they were so rusted into place that he couldn’t budge them. Needless to say, he didn’t return, and Warren never saw the replacements he promised…

If you’re interested in these signs, Pembrokeshire has a few others: Carew; Castlemartin; Cresswell Quay; Whitehill; Hundleton (sadly folded); Merrion; Warren; West Angle; and West Williamstown.

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