Arrive as a visitor, leave as a friend

Staying at Warren Farm means staying as one of the family, but like most families there are a few House Rules to make sure that everybody gets the most out of their visit:

1) Enjoy Pembrokeshire!
2) Our two dogs act as ‘alert dogs’ (rather than guard dogs) – they will bark loudly & long when you arrive, but they are very friendly and you’ll get bored of fussing them way before they’ll get bored of being fussed over (no treats for Molly please, she’s on a strict diabetic diet)
3) Let us know if there’s anything you need, anything you’ve run out of, or if anything is broken – we often have spares you can borrow, buy or just have, and if there’s anything wrong we’ll do our best to get things sorted ASAP
4) We’re pretty flexible on cancellations for non-Volunteer Weekend bookings, but as we only really have weekends to clean & prepare the bunkhouse we’d appreciate knowing about cancellations/changes at least the Saturday before your arrival
5) we’re small & intimate and there won’t be many other people staying, if any, but we’d appreciate it if you kept the noise to a minimum after 10pm, especially if there are any families staying with small children
6) we’d really, really appreciate a review on Trip Advisor

If you’re in a bell tent:
1) Unlike the bunkhouse, bedding is provided. You’ll still need to bring your own towels though
2) Keep zips tightly closed in wet weather as much as possible; the tents can take a while to dry out if rain gets in
3) Please only light fires in dedicated campfires

If you’re in the bunkhouse:
1) No muddy boots in the bedroom or shower, please
2) It’s a bunkhouse, so you’ll need to bring sleeping bags or other bedding as well as your own towels. Pillows are provided
3) The bunkhouse will usually be ready for you to settle into as soon as you arrive, but in order to make sure we’re ready for the next party you will be expected to help out by stripping beds & emptying bins before you go
4) Watch your head! The door into the Bunkhouse is traditional – in other words, very low but wide. Please be careful
5) Like the rest of the farm, the waste water system is a venerable age and needs to be treated a bit gently. Help us minimise future problems by being careful about things that go down the drains, especially the loos. You may also find that the on/off switch on the shower occasionally sticks; a gentle thump on the side will soon show it who’s boss.